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Custom Airbrush Tan

Our specialized spray tan artist will consult with you about your desired darkness and outcome! To help you get the perfect results, we will provide you with hair ties, disposable thongs, baby wipes, makeup wipes, shower caps, and barrier cream! We will walk you through positions, blend the tan as we go and make sure you are comfortable through out your entire tanning process. After finishing your tan, your artist will dry you down, apply setting powder if needed and remove any tan from hands, nails and toes. Walk out with a gorgeous glow!

You are a bronzed beauty!

Customized to your undertones and desired darkness, our custom spray tan is perfect for you! With this tan, you must wait a minimum of 8 hours before your first rinse! You can sleep in it too!


Our Rapid Tan is perfect for anyone who wants to rinse sooner! Our rapid tan is customized to you based on the time we tell you to rinse! We will give you a set time between 2-5 hours and that will determine your darkness!


Our Clear tan is perfect for those who are on the go! Our clear tan applies clear meaning you can get tanned on lunch break and return back to work without anyone noticing! Also great for clients with age spots, sun damage and brides! 


Save with a Package - Buy in Person

3 pack $135
5 pack $210
7 pack $280
10 pack $375

3 pack w/hydration $145
5 pack w/hydration $230
7 pack w/hydration $305
10 pack w/hydration $410

*Packages cannot be shared.
All tans in package expire 1 year after purchase.* 

Tan Upgrades

Hydrating Spray

Our hydrating solution has smoothing hyaluronic acid and healing aloe vera. Helps with even fading and a longer lasting tan. Smells yummy too!


$10 add on

Finishing Powder

Feel sticky in extra places? Add on our finishing powder to help set the tan. We recommend it in any creases or sweaty spots!


$5 add on


Add any of our scents to your tanning solution and smell amazing! We have Coconut, Warm Vanilla, Autumn Spice, Eucalyptus Mint and Creamsicle!


$5 add on

How to prepare for your tan:

  • Shower and exfoliate with a mitt the day before if possible. Do not use an oil based scrub!

  • Use transparent soap, not an oil based scrub. A Ph balancing soap is great!

  • Do not apply lotions, moisturizers, perfumes or anything with oil in it onto your skin before your spray tan.

  • Remove deodorant and make-up. 

  • Facials, shaving and waxing, or any other hair removal procedures should be done at least one day prior to your tanning session.

  • Wear loose, dark clothing and flip flops to wear after your appointment. ​


How to take care of your tan:

  • Avoid touching your skin with your hands until after rinsing to avoid color transfer to your hands.

  • Stay away from activities that will cause you to sweat or get wet. This includes exercising, being in excessive heat, doing the dishes, swimming or showering, etc.

  • When it is time to rinse, rinse with lukewarm water until it runs clear. Pat dry when you get out.

  • Continue to avoid bar soaps and body washes with heavy moisturizers, sulfates or “renewing”.  

  • Moisturize! Lotion will be your best friend! Make sure it is water based (first ingredient is water).

  • Avoid applying products to your skin that contain alcohol, mineral oils, or anything abrasive as these products can dry your skin, and wear the tan off prematurely.

  • Use a non-aerosol, oil free, water resistant SPF 

Organic Skincare Products

Products We Recommend

Check out the products we recommend - available for purchase on We also sell wonderful products in-store.

Mobile Tans - We come to you!

Let us come to you! We can bring the whole process to you! Depending on how many tans you want and the distance we will travel - we will determine your price!

Learn How to Spray Tan

Interested in learning how to spray tan? We can teach you! We are happy to show you tips and tricks to achieving the best professional custom tan!

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